FOX PURMAX® WB 1K polyurethane modified acrylic resin and water based, UV resistant, aliphatic, one component, ready-to-use, applied on roof,  terrace and prefabricate concrete gutters, elastic waterproofing material

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Fields of Application

  • On open terraces exposed to UV and sunlight,
  • Outdoors, in vertical and horizontal applications,
  • Terrace, balcony and all wet areas,
  • On roof terraces,In prefabricated structures,
  • Steel structures,
  • On wide open terraces,
  • Prefabricated roof gutters,
  • Waterproofing of humid and water sensitive gypsum board, plywood,
  • OSB and wooden building elements,
  • Where fast water insulation and ceramic application is required,
  • On curtains and retaining walls.


  • One component, ready-to-use,
  • Easily applied with brush,
  • Can be applied on humid surfaces,
  • Does not effected from sunlight,
  • Has aliphatic properties,
  • Resistant to UV, yellowing and climate conditions,
  • Highly elastic, maintains elasticity,
  • Bridges cracks thanks to its elasticity,
  • Balances material expansion, stress, temperature variations and vibrations,
  • Cures fast,
  • Provides good adherence,
  • Creates broad waterproofing membrane,
  • Solventless,
  • Resistant to freeze and thaw effects,
  • Can be coated with ceramics directly. (no need for sand coats)
  • Maintains elasticity even in low temperatures.

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