FOX MULTIPLUS® DUALGUM 1K SPRAY colloidal dispersion based, one component, water based liquid membrane.  Fast curing waterproofing material with ultra-high application efficiency. It is a bitumen emulsion with high elasticity feature and adheres to concrete and metal surfaces perfectly. Presents perfect solution in vertical applications.

In compliance with TS EN 15814+A2 CB2-W2B-C2B-R2 conditions.

CB2: ≥ 4mm Static Crack Bridging
W2B: 0,075 N/mm² Water resistance under pressure
C2B:  ≥ 0,30 MN/m² Resistance under Pressure
R2: ≤ Rain Resistance after 8 hours

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Fields of Application

  • From positive side in vertical applications,
  • On surfaces which remains underground and has contact with continuous water,
  • On surfaces such as foundations and curtain walls,
  • On retaining walls,
  • In underground structures such as basements etc.,
  • For protection of the concrete from the underground waters, microorganisms,
  • To adhere thermal insulation plates,
  • Provides protection by keeping plant roots away thanks to its chemical structure.


  • Easy and fast application with spray gun,
  • Provides accurate waterproofing solution,
  • Has ≥4mm crack bridging feature. Maintain this feature even at -20oC.
  • Extremely high elasticity (%1500)
  • Its durability against bacteria attacks for 30 days underground at 40°C is tested and approved.
  • Creates broad, permanent insulation.
  • Does not contain Radon gas.
  • Blocks methane gas.
  • Does not contain solvent, water based
  • Has long life time, has resistance to water, weak acids and some salt solutions.
  • Resistant to freeze and thaw effects.
  • Provides perfect solutions to details, applied fast and easily with spray machine,
  • Can be applied even on fresh concrete,
  • Foundation filling can be done in 2 days after.

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