FOX ULTRASEAL® RAPID, is cement and polymer dispersion based, two component, fully elastic waterproofing material designed to be applied to all kinds of reinforced concrete surfaces and cement based plaster surfaces.

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Fields of Application

  • Inside – outdoors, on the positive side where the water comes vertically and horizontally,
  • In water and balance tanks,
  • Olympic swimming pools and thermal pools,
  • In cold weather storages walls and upholstery,
  • Bathroom, balcony, kitchen etc. in all wet volumes,
  • Terraces on foundation, curtain and retaining walls,
  • In flowerpot insulation,
  • Used in drinking water tanks.


  • It cures independently of  the weather conditions,
  • 2nd layer application after approx. 90 minutes, possibility of pedestrian traffic and overlay after 4 hours,
  • Fully elastic and water impermeable,
  • Easy to prepare and apply,
  • Can be applied with brush or spraying machine,
  • Excellent adhesion and crack bridging,
  • Form a water impermeable layer under the screed and ceramic,
  • Creates a joint less, seamless, permanent, waterproof coating,
  • Resistant to chemical and salt solutions in the ground,
  • Water vapor permeable,
  • High durability,
  • Can be used in motion and vibrating areas,
  • Resistant to freeze-thaw effect.

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