Quality Management Policy,

Our company, which produces Construction Chemicals;

To comply with the relevant laws and regulations starting from the raw material, keeping the quality in the process stages and in the final product. To produce quality and environmentally friendly products by determining, evaluating and controlling environmental risks,
To comply with all legislations, administrative regulations, legal responsibilities and standards related to Environment and Quality,
Taking into account the quality and environmental effects of the technology and auxiliary factors used and taking all necessary measures,
To provide a common perspective at all levels of the organization in accordance with our Quality and Environmental requirements,
Providing training and open communication opportunities to all employees,
To provide quality and environmentalist services that meet the current and evolving needs and expectations of its customers,
Working in cooperation and trust with the win-win principle with its suppliers and customers,
To use energy and natural resources at an optimum level, to prevent pollution, to reduce waste and to ensure maximum recycling by separating at the source,
To continuously improve and develop all processes and applications of management systems, to always be open to development
Being an example with its sensitivity to the environment and society,
is committed to.