FOX PURMAX® SPRAYTEC FS560 is a 100% Polyurea based, two component, waterproofing membrane that can be applied to virtually any climatic condition thanks to its solvent-free, crack-bridging, fast curing, unique chemical structure. Due to the application speed and quick curing feature, it minimizes the downtime of the facilities compared to the traditional waterproofing products. The reaction is very fast and can be applied with the help of special spray machines.

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Fields of Application

  • In open terraces for UV and sunlight, with FOX PURMAX® POLYUREA TOPCOAT or FOX PURMAX® TOPCOAT,
  • Terrace, balcony and all wet areas,
  • Roof and garden terraces,
  • Swimming pools, ornamental pools,
  • In aircraft hangars,In car park insulation and coatings,
  • Water distribution lines and canallettes,
  • Underground water tanks,
  • In tunnels, channels, storage,
  • Bridges and viaducts,
  • In collection tanks,
  • In prefabricated structures,
  • Steel structures,
  • On wide open terraces,
  • Roof gutters,
  • Flowerpot insulation,
  • Insulation of foundations and curtain walls from the positive direction.


  • Applicable under extreme climatic conditions,
  • Very cold, very hot or very humid environments do not adversely affect the curing time or performance of the product,
  • Cures in seconds and can be walked on after minutes,
  • Applicable on horizontal and vertical surfaces,
  • Provides easy solution in difficult details,
  • Provides one piece application. Joint, no overlap details,
  • Provides excellent adhesion,
  • Has excellent chemical resistance,
  • Has excellent mechanical strength,
  • Has high puncture strength,
  • Flexible,
  • Resistant to abrasion,
  • Has the ability of crack bridging,
  • Excellent adhesion to almost all surfaces (concrete, steel, aluminum, fiber, wood, foam, etc.),
  • Hydrophobic (water repellent),
  • It is liquid impermeable and can be used with continuous water,
  • 100% solid, VOC-free of solvent,
  • Has excellent thermal resistance, the product never softens again, maintains its elasticity at low temperatures.

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