FOX SULPHATSEAL FS275, cement based, one component, polymer reinforced, sulphate resistant, resistant to mechanical and chemical effects found in domestic wastewater, applied on concrete or cement based plaster internally or externally, waterproofing material.

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Fields of Application

  • Indoors and Outdoors, from the positive direction,
  • In municipal wastewater plants with a depth of less than 15 m, with FOX MORTAR FC188 T on the surface repaired or plastered, as an impermeable topcoat,
  • Protecting the upper surfaces of the canals and canalettes and waterproofing,
  • Coating of domestic waste water plants and reinforced concrete pipes,
  • Protection of waste water channel and concrete pipes against sulphate effects,
  • Used in wastewater and rainwater storage.


  • Resistant to sulfate effects,
  • High mechanical strength,
  • Water vapor permeable,
  • Does not shrink or crack,
  • Resistant to freeze and thaw effect,
  • Only mixed with water,
  • Easy and fast to apply,
  • Long the working period,
  • Can be applied by brush, trowel or spray method,
  • Relevant to domestic sewage and rainwater,
  • Can be used safely in drinking water tanks.

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