FOX MULTISEAL® STANDART is cement and polymer dispersion based, two component, waterproofing material that can be applied on negative and positive sides, preventing humidity, leaking and surface water on concrete surfaces.

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Fields of Application

  • Indoors and outdoors, vertical and horizontal negative and positive,
  • Bathroom, balcony etc. in all wet volumes,
  • In cold weather storage walls and upholstery,
  • On foundation, curtain and retaining walls,
  • On the basement floors from negative and positive direction,
  • In elevator pits,In flowerpot insulation,
  • Protecting the concrete from water, carbonation and de-icing salts,
  • In pickled ponds,
  • In fish breeding ponds,
  • In food storages,
  • In hydroelectric power plants,
  • Used in water and balance tank.


  • Easy to prepare and apply,
  • Can be applied with brush or spraying machine,
  • Long working time,
  • Has capillary effect,
  • Very high adhesion strength,
  • Works with surface,
  • Effective from negative and positive direction(4 bar negative –  10 bar positive),
  • Due to its high adhesion performance and semi-elasticity, it forms a water impermeable layer under the screed and ceramic,
  • Creates a joint-less, seamless, permanent, waterproof coating,
  • Resistant to chemical and salt solutions in the ground,
  • Water vapor permeable,
  • Resistant to freeze-thaw effect.

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