Protective and Reinforcing Special Coating Material for Concrete and Natural Stone Surfaces

FOX ALPHACOAT FF900 is an acrylic resin based material formulated with special additives used in the protection and polishing of all kinds of concrete, artificial and natural stone surfaces. It is a top coat coating that provides a long-lasting protection, dust-free, surface resistance and aesthetic appearance, penetrating into the surface of any surface with natural appearance, coloured acid (stain), precast protection or surface hardener treatment.

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Fields of Application

  • All kinds of old or new concrete, gross concrete and field concrete,
  • In ground concretes applied with surface hardener,
  • On field concrete coloured with acid stain,
  • On surfaces such as natural stone, travertine, marble, cotto, press brick, etc.,
  • In cement based precast facade coatings,
  • All kinds of gross concrete surfaces,
  • On wash concrete,
  • It is used in city furniture.


  • Easy to apply and use.
  • Creates a crystal clear surface.
  • Resistant to oil and fuel residues.
  • Provides protection against all kinds of weather conditions and fungus formation on the surfaces.
  • Prevents dusting, provides a harder surface.
  • Extremely easy to clean, smooth surface is obtained.
  • Provides resistance against abrasion.
  • Penetrates deeply and gives a lively appearance.
  • It is resistant to freeze – thaw effect and has UV resistant.
  • Can be applied with brush, roll or spray machine.
  • After the application of the surface hardener, by using as a curing agent, the sudden water loss of the concrete is prevented and the permanent finish surface is obtained.
  • Water vapour permeable when applied on exterior surfaces.
  • Water repellent.
  • Resistant to Freeze-Thaw cycle and UV.

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