FOX ALPHACOAT FF900, is an acrylic resin based material formulated with special additives for the protection and coloring of all kinds of concrete surfaces. It is a natural-looking, colored acid (stain) topcoat coating provided long-term protection, anti-chalking, surface resistance and aesthetic appearance. It provides the curing by penetrating to the structure of any kind of surface which has applied pre-cast protection and surface hardening process.

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Field of Application

  • All kinds of old or new concrete,
  • Concrete fields,
  • Concrete floor sports fields,
  • Walkways


  • Easy to apply and use
  • Resistant to oil and fuel residues.
  • Provides protection against all weather conditions and fungus  formation on surfaces.
  • Prevents dusting, provides a harder surface.
  • Obtaine to extremely easy to clean and smooth surface.
  • Provides resistance against abrasion.
  • It penetrates the depth and gives it a lively appearance.
  • Resistant to frost- Dissolution.
  • Resistant to UV.
  • Applicable with brush, roller and spraying machine.
  • Water vapor permeable when applied on exterior walls.
  • Water repellent.

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