Epoxy Based, Two Component, Solvent-Free, Self Levelling, Coating

FOX EPOTHANE® BASECOAT, Epoxy resin-based, two-component, high chemical resistance, solvent-free, self-leveling, colored industrial floor coating

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Fields of Application

  • In areas subject to heavy/medium/light traffic load,
  • In areas requiring chemical and mechanical resistance,
  • In warehouses,
  • In production areas,
  • In aircraft hangars,
  • In parking lots,
  • In garages,
  • At airports,
  • In galleries,
  • In shopping centers,
  • In supermarkets,
  • In stores and showrooms,
  • In engine rooms,
  • In hotels,
  • In hospitals and nursing homes,
  • In practice,
  • In Schools, Kindergartens,
  • In the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry,
  • In laboratories,
  • It is used in areas where hygiene is required.


  • Easy to apply.
  • A high amount of filling can be entered into it.
  • It has high chemical and mechanical resistance.
  • It has high abrasion resistance.
  • It is easy to maintain and clean.
  • It is fluid.
  • Provides hygienic environments.
  • It has a structure that does not allow the formation of microbes.
  • It is liquid impermeable.
  • Glossy top coat is obtained.
  • It has high adhesion strength.
  • Does not contain volatile organic matter (VOC-solvent).

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