Acrylic Resin Based, UV Resistant, Ready to Use, Elastic Waterproofing  

FOX WATERPROF® FS100, is an acrylic resin-based, one-component, UV-resistant, ready-to-use elastic waterproofing material that can be applied on roofs, terraces, streams and exteriors.                     

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Fields of Application

  • Outdoor, vertical and horizontal applications,
  • On sloping terrace roofs,
  • On balconies,
  • Drippers, channels and flumes,
  • On the edges of chimneys,
  • Water insulation of eaves, gutters and drains,
  • In concrete, zinc and precast streams,
  • It is used on the exteriors of buildings.


  • It is single component, ready to use,
  • It is easily applied with a brush,
  • Does not create joints,
  • Adapts to all kinds of surfaces,
  • It is UV resistant,
  • Maintains constant elasticity,
  • Provides high adherence,
  • Paste can be colored with pigments,
  • Can be painted.
  • Does not contain solvents,
  • Resistant to freezing – thawing cycle.