FOX EPOBOND FX143 is an epoxy resin-based, chemical-resistant, hygienic, solvent-free, easy-to-apply adhesive material used for bonding and filling joints of materials such as ceramic, marble, granite.

It complies with TS EN 12004:1-2017 – R2T class.

R2T: Reaction resin based ceramic adhesive materials.

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Usage Areas

  • In indoor and outdoor applications,
  • All kinds of food production facilities,
  • Meat and fish industry, slaughterhouses,
  • Pharmaceutical, paint, paper, battery and fertilizer industries,
  • In printing houses, industrial kitchens and laundries, dining halls,
  • In all kinds of hygienic environments in hospitals,
  • In swimming pools and thermal pools,
  • Waste water and treatment plants,
  • Shopping malls, terminals, etc. subject to heavy pedestrian traffic used.


  • Resistant to chemicals and bacteria.
  • It is resistant to mold and fungus.
  • It can be wiped with water at room temperature.
  • It is hygienic.
  • It has high mechanical strength.
  • Dirt-proof, easy to clean.
  • Resistant to freezing – thawing cycle.
  • It can be used in drinking water contact.

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