Cement and Polymer-based, Reduced Slip, Long Working Time, High Adhesion, Flexible, Adhesive Mortar

FOX CERAPLUS® FX112, Cement and polymer based, reduced slip, long working time, high adhesion performance, suitable for all kinds of climatic conditions, can be used indoors and outdoors, horizontally and vertically, long-lasting, flexible for ceramic, tile, porcelain ceramic, natural stone materials adhesive fee.

It meets the requirements of EN 12004-1:2017 C2TES1.
Public Works Pos. No: 04.01301-04.01304
C2 : Cement Based, Additional Features Improved, High Performance
T   : Reduced slip
E   : Open Waiting Time Extended
S1 : Flexible

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Usage Areas                                                 

  • Adhering tiles, ceramics, porcelain ceramics, natural stone materials to cement-based surfaces such as concrete, plaster, screed in indoor and outdoor horizontal and vertical applications,
  • Adhering tiles, ceramics, porcelain ceramics, natural stone materials to gypsum-based surfaces in indoor, horizontal and vertical applications,
  • Bonding tiles, ceramics, porcelain ceramics, natural stone materials on insulation in wet places such as bathrooms, balconies, kitchens,
  • Bonding in swimming pools, Turkish baths, water tanks, bathrooms, industrial floors, cold storages,
  • It is used for bonding ceramics on ceramics in exterior coatings of buildings, renovation and repair works.


  • It mixes only with water.
  • It saves time and labor with its long working time.
  • It does not slip in vertical applications.
  • Provides fast and easy application.
  • Provides application opportunity on gypsum surfaces.
  • Resistant to freeze-thaw cycle.
  • It adapts to the ground stresses arising from temperature differences and is not affected.

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