FOX SILAN FR115, Silane-Siloxane Based, Solvent, hydrophobic, water repellent, transparent impregnated material.

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Fields of Application

  • Exterior façade coating, vertical applications,
  • On less absorbent surfaces such as concrete, marble, granite, slate stone,
  • On absorbent surfaces such as bricks, colored briquettes, aerated concrete, travertine, limestone,
  • Used to protect historical artifacts against atmospheric effects.


  • Thanks to its low molecular weight, it provides high penetration to the ground,
  • Provides protection without altering the appearance of facades and forming a film layer,
  • Reduces the negative effects of the atmosphere by making the surfaces of building elements impermeable,
  • Resistant to alkalis and UV rays,
  • Resistant to freezing-thawing effect,
  • Vapor permeable.