FOX CLEANER INTENSE FR530, is a highly effective cleaning material. It containing inorganic acid and does not containing detergent based; ozone, solvent, chromate heavy toxic metals and chromates.

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Fields of Application

  • Indoors and outdoors, in horizontal and vertical applications,
  • Cleaning of all kinds of concrete and mortar surfaces,
  • In the cleaning of lime, fungus and moss in swimming pools,
  • Effective cleaning of dirt on surfaces such as ceramic, tiles, marble, granite,
  • Effective cleaning of dirt on surfaces such as natural stone, travertine, cotto and brick,
  • It is used for effective cleaning of bacteria, fungi and algae deposits on many surfaces,
  • Used as a rust remover on a number of surfaces.


  • Concrete and grout penetrate deep into the pores of surfaces,
  • Can be diluted in 1: 1 ratio,
  • Economical and very fast results,
  • Easy to apply and use,
  • Dirt and bacteria form joints are cleaned without irritation,
  • Very fast and effective.