Epoxy Based, Two Component, Colored Topcoat to Protect Concrete and Steel

FOX EPOCOTE® FS190 is an epoxy based, two component, waterproof coating material developed to protect concrete and steel.

In compliance with TS EN 1504-2 / ​​Principle 1.3, 2.2, 5.1 and 8.2.

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Fields of Application

  • Indoor and outdoor areas, vertical and horizontal applications,
  • Drinking water or pool balance tanks,
  • In concrete or steel (metal) tanks,
  • As chemical resistant coating in horizontal, vertical and overhead applications,
  • Oil and fuel tanks,
  • In hangars, sugar factories, energy stations and liquid storage areas,
  • Used in aquariums and swimming pools.

As Wall Coating Only,

  • Oil refineries and paper mills,
  • In the beer, wine and fruit processing industry,
  • Beverage and fruit juice industry,
  • In the milk, cheese and yoghurt industry,
  • In tomato paste and canned food industry,
  • Meat and fish industry,
  • Medicine, paint, paper, battery, fertilizer industry,
  • Printing houses, hotel kitchens and laundries,
  • Used in hospital laboratories, dining halls, wet areas and hygienic environments.


  • Does not contain solvent,
  • Easy to apply,
  • Glossy surface, easy to clean,
  • Has anti-bacterial properties,
  • Creates a surface structure that does not allow the formation of microbes and bacteria,
  • Waterproof,
  • Can be used safely in drinking water tanks,
  • Has high mechanical strength,
  • High resistance to chemicals,
  • Resistant to sea water, hard water and sulphates,
  • Resistant to pool chemicals,
  • Meets the movements on metal surfaces.

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