Epoxy Based, Two Component, Waterproofing Coating

FOX PURMAX® EP 2K is epoxy polyurethane based, two component, low viscosity, liquid insulation material developed for waterproofing and protection. FOX PURMAX® EP 2K has excellent resistance strength for chemical, especially cold conditions, thanks to its content of pure elastomeric hydrophobic epoxy polyurethane resin and special inorganic filler.

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Fields of Application

  • On open terraces exposed to UV and sunlight (with protection of the FOX PURMAX® TOPCOAT)
  • Terrace, balcony and all wet areas,
  • On roof and garden terraces,
  • In flowerpot insulation,
  • Insulation of foundation and curtain walls from the positive direction,
  • In tunnels,
  • In collection tanks,
  • In ornamental pools,
  • In roof gutters,
  • Water supply lines and canals,
  • In underground water tanks.


  • Easy and single-coat application (with mop, comb trowel or airless gun)
  • Provides excellent adhesion,
  • Has excellent chemical resistance,
  • Has excellent cold weather resistance,
  • Elastic, Resistant to abrasion,
  • Has crack bridging ability,
  • High adhesive strength,
  • Hydrophobic (water repellent),
  • Resistant to water deposits and puddles,
  • Has excellent thermal resistance, the product never softens again,
  • Can be applied on asphalt,
  • Liquid impermeable,
  • Can be walked on (light traffic),
  • Suitable for local repairs.
  • Can be painted with FOX PURMAX® TOPCOAT.

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