FOX ADMENT FM716, is a naphthalene sulfonate based, highly water reducing superplasticizer additive material that improves the early and final strength of concrete.

In compliance with TS EN 934-2: T11.1/T11.2 standards.

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Fields of Application

  • Where workability and high strength are required in hot weather conditions,
  • In pre-stressed, precast and ready-mixed concrete applications,
  • Construction and mining applications


  • Increases the protection of the concrete’s consistency in hot weather
  • Enables manufacturing at lower costs at higher productivity rates
  • While allowing rapid production, it provides results in front of the production program with early strength.

For fresh concrete;

  • Controlled curing time
  • Cohesive and non-decomposing concrete
  • Minimum water vomiting

 For hardened concrete;

  • Higher early strength compared to conventional water-cutting additives
  • High ultimate compressive strength
  • High elasticity module
  • Increasing the adherence of concrete with reinforcement
  • Low permeability
  • High durability
  • Low shrinkage and creep