FOX EPOTHANE® BASECOAT AS is an epoxy resin based, two component, easy to clean, hygienic, solvent free, self levelling coating that has high mechanical and chemical abrasion resistance and is applied the surfaces that the antistatic surface is desired.

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Field of Application

  • The areas where explosive and flammable chemicals are produced, stored and used,
  • The information system rooms where sensitive electronic equipment is located,
  • Aircraft hangars,
  • The chemical and pharmaceutical industries,
  • The laboratories,
  • Operating Rooms,
  • Used in areas where hygiene is requested.


  • Its application is easy,
  • Has excellent antistatic coating feature after curing.
  • Has high chemical and mechanical strength.
  • Maintenance and cleaning is easy.
  • Liquid.
  • Provides hygienic environments.
  • There is a surface structure that does not allow the formation of germs.
  • Liquid impermeable.
  • Bright top coat coating is obtained.
  • Adhesion strength is high.
  • It does not contain volatile organic substance (VOC-solvent).