FOX HISTO-INJECTION, is an injection mortar containing pozzolanic natural hydraulic lime and micronized carbonates, used in the structural repair of masonry building components.

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FOX HISTO-INJECTION is an injection mortar used for repair purposes in brick, stone and tuff-containing historical buildings, especially at the points where cracks are formed and carrier properties is lost.

  • On walls located in sulfated environments,
  • In historical masonry domes and vaults,
  • In the filling of small and large structural holes,
  • In plugging the cracks,
  • It is used as injection material in foundations.


  • It can be used even in sulfate-containing environments.
  • It does not negatively chemical interact with original building materials or with different materials used during and after the restoration process.
  • The superior hydraulic nature of the binder ensures a high degree of penetration of the injection mortar into the structure. With the help of its medium elasticity module, it is ideal for filling small and large holes, even in carrier problems caused by excessive moisture in the original material.
  • The injection material used in wall repair provides a perfect harmony with brick, stone and tuff material without impairing the vapor and moisture permeability of the wall.
  • Provides controlled expansion preventing plastic shrinkage without causing harmful stresses in the structure to be repaired.
  • Thanks to the natural water traps it contains, it allows injection without pre-wetting the surface; It prevents the water from reaching and damaging the frescoes by separating from the injection mortar.
  • It can be injected easily and effectively using low pressure pumps, syringes or fine needles with the help of its including new generation super plasticizers based on polycarboxylic ether.
  • It does not contain additives and soluble salts (alkalis, sulfates, chlorines or nitrates), the structure of the material does not deteriorate over time.

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