Cement and Polymer Based, Two Component, Fully Elastic Waterproofing Material

FOX MULTISEAL® FS478 is cement and polymer dispersion based, two component, fully elastic waterproofing material designed for all kinds of reinforced concrete surface and cement based screeds.

In compliance with the TS EN 14891:2017 waterproof products standard applied in liquid form for use under ceramic tiles on wet areas. In compliance with CM01P standards.

Public Works Pos. No: 15.270.1007
CM  : Cement based polymer reinforced water impermeable material   
O1   :  Crack Bridging Feature under very low temperatures (-5°C )
P     : Resistant to contact with Chlorine water

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Fields of Application

  • Indoors – outdoors, from the positive side where the water comes vertically and horizontally,
  • In water and balance tanks,
  • Olympic swimming pools and thermal pools,
  • In wall and floor coatings of cold stores,
  • In all wet volumes such as bathroom, balcony, kitchen etc.
  • On terraces ((with the condition to be covered),
  • On foundation, curtain and retaining walls,
  • In flowerpot insulation,
  • Used in drinking water tanks.


  • Fully elastic and water impermeable,
  • Easy to prepare and apply,
  • Can be applied with brush or spraying machine,
  • Long working time,
  • Has excellent adhesion and crack bridging feature,
  • Form a water impermeable layer under the screed and ceramic,
  • Creates a joint less, seamless, permanent, waterproof coating,
  • Resistant to chemical and salt solutions in the ground,
  • Water vapor permeable,
  • High durability,
  • Can be used in motion and vibrating areas,
  • Resistant to freeze-thaw effect.

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