Bitumen-Rubber Based, Single Component, Flexible Waterproofing Material

FOX MULTIPLUS® FS540, bitumen-rubber based, one-component, solvent-free, ready-to-use, flexible waterproofing material with crack bridging feature.

It meets the requirements of EN 15814:2011+A2:2014 – CB1-W1-C1.
CB1 : ≥ 1mm Static Crack Bridging
W1  : 0,0075 N/mm2 Pressured Water Permeability
C1    : 0,06 MN/m² Compressive Strength

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Usage Areas

  • Positive direction in indoor and outdoor, horizontal and vertical applications,
  • On reinforced concrete surfaces that are under the ground and in constant contact with water,
  • On surfaces such as foundation, curtain wall,
  • On retaining walls,
  • In basements and similar underground structures,
  • It is used to protect concrete against underground water and microorganisms.
  • It is used for adhering heat insulation boards.


  • Easy and fast to apply.
  • It is applied with a brush or trowel.
  • Solvent free.
  • It can be applied on slightly moisture and dry surfaces.
  • Long lasting, resistant to water, weak acids and some salt solutions.
  • It creates a jointless, uninterrupted and permanent insulation layer.
  • It can be used as a vapor barrier layer in horizontal applications.
  • Resistant to freezing – thawing cycle.
  • It is water based and environmentally friendly.

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