High Rate Water Reducer / New Generation Superplasticizer Admixture

FOX ADMENT PC FM301 is a polycarboxylic ether based, new generation super plasticizer concrete admixture developed for the ready-mixed concrete and precast industry where high water reduction, prevention of loss of consistency in concrete, early and final high strength and durability (TS EN 206-1) is required.

EN 934-2:2009+A1:2012
Chart 3.1, 3.2 and 7:
High Rate Water Reducing / Superplasticizer and Hardening Accelerating Concrete Admixtureı
ASTM C 494 type F:
It conforms to High Water Reducing Concrete Admixture standards.

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Usage places

  • Precast and prefabricated concrete production,
  • In concrete where early strength is required in winter,
  • On site concrete castings
  • 18 – 24 hours and 28 days of high-strength concrete production,
  • Self-compacting and compacting concrete production,
  • Ready-mixed concrete without pump,
  • It is used in the production of flowable consistency rheoplastic precast concrete elements without segregation.


  • Compared with conventional super plasticizers (Naphthalene Sulphonate or Melamine Sulphonate), it further increases the early-final compressive and tensile strength, adherence and impermeability of the produced concrete to steel.
  • Improves the mechanical properties of concrete such as carbonation, chlorine ion attack, resistance to aggressive chemicals, shrinkage and creep.
  • Low water/cement ratio low decomposition risk, it can obtain reoplastic concrete.
  • Enables early high strength concrete production even at low temperatures.
  • Reduces pouring, compaction and curing time in prefabricated concrete production.
  • Increases production efficiency.
  • Particularly suitable for the prefabricated sector and ready-mixed concrete (slump protected) and on-site concrete mixtures,
  • Self-compacting high quality concrete is obtained with the lowest water/cement ratio.
  • Makes concrete impermeable,
  • Homogeneous and cohesive concrete,
  • Especially high early strength is obtained in concrete,
  • Improves the surface appearance of precast concrete,
  • Does not contain chlorine.