Condensed Micro Silica

FOX ADMENT MS FM290 is a mineral admixture used in normal and shotcrete, which improves the interfacial properties of the concrete and the microstructure of the cement paste, increasing its engineering properties such as compressive strength, flexural strength, fracture mechanics and impermeability.

In compliance with ASTM C 618, ASTM C-1240/95, AASHTO M 307, CAN/CSA 23,5-M86 standards.

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Fields of Application

  • In tunnel filling works,
  • Wet system spraying and traditional concrete applications,
  • Normal and lightweight concrete production,
  • High strength concrete,
  • In the production of ready mixed concrete with and without pump
  • Low cement dosage concretes,
  • It is used in underwater concretes.


  • It provides obtaining higher pressure and tensile strength in all types of concrete.
  • Reduces the curing accelerator dosage in shotcrete.
  • It enables application as more thicker layers in shotcrete.
  • Reduces rebound rate in shotcrete applications.
  • It increases permanence against mechanical and chemical effects.
  • It increases the water impermeability of concrete.
  • Prevents water vomiting and segregation in fresh concrete.
  • Reduces chlorine permeability.