High Rate Water Reducing / Super plasticizer Admixture

FOX ADMENT FM 777 is a naphthalene sulphonate based, high water reducing / super plasticizing concrete admixture which increases the early and final strength of concrete by giving rheoplastic properties to concrete.

Public Works Exposure No: 04.613/ 1-A3 TS EN 934-2
Table 3.1 and Table 3.2 = High Water Reducing / Super plasticizer Concrete Admixture
ASTM C 494 Type F = It is accordance with high Water Reducing Concrete Admixture Standards.

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Place of Usage

  • In pumpless and pumped ready mixed concrete production,
  • In wet shotcrete production,
  • Precast and prefabricated concrete production,
  • In prestressed concrete production with low water / cement ratio,
  • It is used in rheoplastic concretes where it is necessary to take early molds and that can be easily placed on reinforced concrete elements.


  • Reduces the amount of water by at least 12% by weight compared to concrete without admixture,
  • It provides lower water / cement ratio at the same workability or higher workability and easy pumpability at the same water / cement ratio compared to concrete without admixture.
  • Increases early and final strengths compared to concrete without admixture,
  • Increases compressive and bending strength of concrete compared to concrete without admixture,
  • Decreases demoulding time compared to concrete without admixture,
  • Increases abrasion resistance of concrete by reducing decomposition and perspiration.
  • It increases the resistance of concrete against freezing and thawing cycle,
  • Improves other mechanical properties of concrete such as impermeability, permanence, shrinkage and creep,
  • It settles with less vibration even in closely reinforced concrete structures
  • Does not contain chlorine.