FOX CERAFLEX FX114 is a cement and polymer based, flexible bonding material for materials such as ceramic, tile, porcelain ceramic and natural stone with high adhesion performance, suitable for all kinds of weather conditions.

In compliance with TS EN 12004 – C2TES1 standards.

Ministry of Public Works and Settlement Item No: 04.01301-04.01304

C2  : Cement Based, Additional Features Improved, High Performance
T    : Reduced slip feature
E    : Open Waiting Time Extended
S1  : Flexible

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Fields of Application

  • Adhering materials such as tiles, ceramic marble, natural stone, pressed brick, glass mosaic to cement-based surfaces subjected to temperature differences in vertical and horizontal applications in indoor and outdoor areas,
  • It is used for adhering materials such as tiles, ceramic, marble, natural stone, pressed brick, glass mosaic on plasterboard, cement chipboard, heat insulation plates.
  • It is recommended to use FOX PRIMERA® FL 220 primer for this and similar sheet applications.
  • In bonding processes in swimming pools, baths, water storage, bathrooms, industrial floors, cold weather deposits,
  • It is used in exterior coatings of buildings, for bonding ceramics on ceramics in repair works,
  • Used in places with heavy pedestrian and load traffic.


  • Mixed only with water.
  • Long workable time,
  • Does not cause slippage in the case of vertical applications,
  • Very comfortable and easy to apply,
  • Flexible, does not affected by vibrations,
  • Resistant to freeze-thaw effect,
  • Does not shrink,
  • The S1 class of flexibility makes it possible to adapt to and not be affected by soil stresses due to temperature differences.

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