Polymer Dispersion Based, Mineral Filled, Gross Concrete, Plaster Primer

FOX PRIM-ALL FL100 is a mineral-filled, polymer dispersion based primer used before the application of cement based and gypsum based plasters on smooth surfaces. Gypsum based plasters react chemically with cement surfaces and leave the surface over time. This is an excellent primer designed to cut the contact and create a holding surface.

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Fields of Application 

  • As a primer before the application of gypsum and cement based plasters on gross concrete surfaces indoors and outdoors,
  • It is used as a primer before the application of plaster and cement based plasters on vertical and ceilings.


  • Applied only by mixing with water. It is extremely easy to apply.
  • Increases adherence perfectly.
  • Prevents the water of the plaster to be applied to be absorbed rapidly by the ground, thus increasing the working time by preventing sudden drying cracks.
  • Does not contain organic solvent.

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