Natural Hydraulic Lime Based, Developed for Historic Masonry Buildings, Ready Made Plaster

FOX HISTOCRETE, is a natural hydraulic lime based, cement-free, ready-made plaster containing natural silica aggregate and inorganic fibers developed for historical masonry buildings.

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Fields of Application

  • In making of the interior and exterior plastering,
  • In the repairs of existing plasters,
  • In the repair of natural stone, brick wall joints,
  • It is used in surface repairs.


  • Thanks to special inorganic mineral fibers homogeneously dispersed in the mixture, a non-shrinking mortar is obtained. In this way, a repair that provides continuity on the applied surface is achieved by working with the same mechanism as traditional mortars.
  • The use of ready-mixed mortar due to continuously controlled production ensures a different product quality in each project. It is extremely difficult to ensure the homogeneity of the mixture in the mortars prepared in the field.
  • FOX HISTOCRETE plaster, which does not contain water-soluble salts, is one of the best products that can be recommended for the restoration of historical masonry structures.
  • It does not contain asbestos, it is environmentally friendly.

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