Acrylic Polymer Based Concrete Curing Material

FOX ACURE FR570 is an acrylic polymer based curing material applied on newly cast concrete and screed with its formed film layer which reduces water retention by preventing fast drying and maintaining optimum strength by holding water in the concrete.

ASTM C 309 Type 2 Class B

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Fields of Application

  • In all types of site concrete,
  • Concrete pavement and road applications,
  • In channel and canal concrete,
  • In surface hardener applications,
  • In all kinds of reinforced concrete building elements,
  • Used in screed applications.


  • Ready-to-use,
  • Applied to all types of concrete surfaces,
  • Reduce cracks (shrinkage) caused by rapid water loss on the surface,
  • Provides a harder surface,
  • Provides more effective curing than paraffin-based cures,
  • Its application is simple, reducing labour costs,
  • It is a more practical method than irrigation and similar curing methods,
  • Used when watering is not possible.