Water Based, Adherence Enhancer, Filled Special Primer


FOX DECODUR PUTZGRUND FB310, water-based filled, colorable primer, suitable for interior and exterior spaces, used to increase adherence strength before applying topcoats to reinforced concrete and plastered surfaces.

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Fields of Application

  • Indoors and outdoors,
  • In vertical applications,
  • On plaster, facade(mineral) plaster and gypsum boards used indoors and outdoors,
  • Under Fox Decodur K and R series plasters,
  • Under silicone-based, silicate-based, emulsion-based and mineral-based plasters,
  • It allows direct use of satin plaster and correction paste by being applied on exposed concrete surfaces.


  • Penetrates deeply.
  • Increases the adherence of the surface.
  • Has high covering power.
  • Increases UV resistance.
  • Has high performance.
  • Permeable to water vapor.
  • It can be applied to damp surfaces.
  • Facilitates application and texturing.
  • Reduces water penetration.
  • Solvent-free.
  • Ecologically compatible and has a light scent.