FOX SWELL 3V FP300, is a chloroprene rubber and hydrophilic resin based flexible water retaining tape that swells when in contact with water.

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Field of Application

  • FOX SWELL 3V FP300 In ready-mixed concrete joints,
  • In the construction joints in the reinforced concrete structures that are poured in place (cold joints joined with the bases of the curtains),
  • As a waterproof flange at the pipe inlet and outlet through the concrete,In tunnel segments,
  • In the joints between the floor and the pile foundation headings,
  • Used in concrete steel joints.


  • Easy to apply,
  • Economical,
  • In the contact with water, expansion continues up to %300,
  • Has protective coating that prevent premature expansion,
  • Flexible, irregular sub-layer can be applied.
  • The water in the concrete, including the concrete elements, expands in the form of a chile, creating a leakproof sealing,
  • It has the feature of expansion in contact with the water again,
  • Has high resistance to chemicals,
  • Resistant to petroleum products, minerals, vegetable oils and greases.,
  • FOX SWELL 3V FP300 is resistant to impact.
  • It is suitable to use in dirty / slurry water in areas where water level has risen and lowered.