FOX ADMENT PC FM300, is a polycarboxylic ether-based, new second generation superplasticizer concrete admixture developed for the ready-mixed concrete industry, in accordance with the Total Performance Control concept, which reduces water at a high rate, increases durability, prevents the loss of consistency of concrete while providing early and final high strength.

EN 934 – 2 Table 3.1, 3.2 : High Rate Water Reducing / Super plasticizer Concrete Admixture

 ASTM C 494 Tip F: In compliance with High Rate Water Reducing / Super Plasticizer Concrete Admixture standards.

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Field of Application

  • In the production of high quality ready-mixed concrete with or without a pump,
  • In the production of Smart Dynamic Concrete, which can be easily placed on densely reinforced concrete elements,
  • It is used in the production of non-decomposing, flowable Rheoplastic concrete.


For Ready-Mixed Concrete Producers:

  • Provides the supply of high quality concrete to the construction site at any time.
  • Provides concrete production with low water / cement ratio, in compliance with TS EN 206-1 criteria, without losing consistency.
  • It allows using a single product for many applications.

For Contractors:

  • Guarantees the delivery of the concrete ordered in the ready mixed concrete plant to the construction site “as desired and defined in the construction site”.
  • Settles more easily and decreases mold removal time.
  • Excellent finished surface is obtained in molded concretes.
  • It provides a more diverse concrete design with a single admixture.

For Engineers:

  • Guarantees the concrete’s compliance with the standards.
  • Provides more permanent (durable) concrete production.